Business Internet + Phone

Manage your business, not a network

Stretch your dollars and scale your bandwidth as your business grows – and pay only for the bandwidth you need.


Guaranteed network reliability – our internet backbone ensures fast, secure service and is backed by our best-in-class Service Level Agreement guaranteeing uptime, latency (lag time) and packet delivery. Engineered for businesses, we utilize redundant and diverse routing with geographically distributed peering to numerous other backbone providers to ensure resiliency.

Service customized for you – specialized routing protocols including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) are available.

Live 24/7 support – one local call is all it takes for assistance with all your services, including data, voice and IP-PBX VoIP solutions. Choose a service and options that are ideal for your business.

Residential Internet + Phone

Cut out the middleman

Enjoy fast, reliable fiber service – delivered direct with no middleman! We’re the only local internet provider that controls its own network backbone. That means you get high- speed bandwidth and access to the internet that is smooth, dependable and trouble-free.

Get internet, email, phone, mobile, TV, movies, streaming and home security if you desire. All at your fingertips with MtnMAX.

Delivered Carrier Services

Tap into wavelength lit and dark fiber

Count on superior bandwidth, greater security, and less signal loss over long distances with MtnMAX. If you need fiber optic infrastructure, we offer wavelength lit and dark fiber.

Advantages of leasing:
  • Lit fiber allows room for your business to grow.
  • Already in the ground, it lets you quickly deploy services to your customers.
  • Fiber is durable and produces savings over time.
  • Running a dark fiber network independently requires purchasing, installing, and running your own transmission equipment, which allows for total control over a network’s latency.
  • Create and set up your own specifications to keep latency low.