MAX Security: VPN Service: Connect multiple offices whether locally or nationally or internationally securely with our MAX-Security solutions. This allows multiple offices to stay connected on the inside of your firewall for such things as: interoffice telephone functionality, sharing printers, documents, schedules and more…

MAX-Host: Hosting & Email: Promote your business on the web; provide a place for your customers and vendors to learn about what makes your company so great! Start putting your company on the map when communicating via email! This option allows you to start branding “your company’s name” as the source for all emails. (

Real Traffic: Real Time: Bandwidth graph: Montana Digital offers network utilization monitoring for all internet access services. The service allows you to visualize the amount of traffic traversing your circuit. Once signed up for the service, you'll receive a private login and password to a private web site hosted by Montana Digital where you can view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs. The data points are created every 5 minutes and show both incoming and outgoing traffic.
(only available on some service plans)

MAX Notify: Monitoring Services: Montana Digital Network Notification service provides proactive monitoring of your connection and notifies you via email and/or SMS of status. Once signed up, Montana Digital’s NOC (Network Operations Center) will enable your service to be monitored. When trouble is detected, we'll initiate resolution and notify you within 15 minutes of detection, then hourly, or as conditions change, regarding the progress of restoring service. (only available on some service plans)

MAX-IP: Additional static IP address: This is ideal for hosting your own web-server, installing a multi-location video conferencing bridge or combined with our Broadband Services providing unmatched redundancy not offered by other Internet Service Providers…